Swiss Water

A deeper look into a fascinating process

One of a kind coffee

Swiss Water is a coffee company unlike any other, focused on ethically and responsibly sourcing premium coffee beans and then putting them through a special decaffeination process. They supply coffee shops, grocery stores and individual enthusiasts all over North America with some of the finest decaffeinated coffee in the world.

Wake up and smell the storytelling

Swiss Water has a great story and a fascinating process as the basis of their brand. Drive was lucky enough to work together with our partners, Pure Souls, to obtain incredible imagery and video content of SWDCC’s production facility. With that in hand, our Creative team was able to make a vibrant, visually compelling site that immerses users in Swiss Water’s brand.

Swiss Water

For when you really, really need a cup

Imagine yourself in a new city, in desperate need of a fantastic cup of coffee, but with no idea where to get one. Relax, Swiss Water’s new site is here to help. Now, with the vastly improved store locator implemented on the site, users can easily browse locations based on their proximity from both desktop and mobile devices.

It’s all about education

We know a whole lot about web design and development, but when we first started working with Swiss Water, we knew next to nothing about decaffeinated coffee. After our initial discovery workshops, the team was able to actually visit Swiss Water’s facility to learn more about their process, knowledge that helped influence our design decisions while building the site.

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Swiss Water

Truth in numbers

With such an intensive visual overhaul, Swiss Water wanted to ensure that the site was resonating with their users, as well as track specific goals related to driving traffic to their retailers. While working with our sister-agency, 6S Marketing, we were also able to scale the amount of traffic headed to the site substantially.

So far, we’ve seen great results – time on site is up, bounce rate is down, and users have been frequently using the retailer locator tool on both mobile and desktop to get their caffeine(free) fix.


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