Shark Club

A revamped platform for a revamped brand

The best place to catch the game

Shark Club is one of Canada’s premier sports bar chains, with more than ten locations across the country. Over the years, their brand has evolved into a unique offering, fusing the intensity of a Major League sports bar with the comfort of the world’s best Man Caves. Unfortunately, their web presence had not kept up.

Drive and Shark Club collaborated to construct a new platform, one that would bring their updated brand to the forefront and make it easy for fans to choose Shark Club, find a location, and settle in for their favorite sporting events.

A unique set of users

When it comes to the restaurant and hospitality business, users have a very defined set of needs. Whereas many businesses message the core benefits of their offerings, Shark Club wanted to focus on two things: getting people hungry and getting them into their locations.

Drive worked with Shark Club to create a site organization that prioritized letting users quickly and easily find more information about Shark Club’s menu and locations. Now, within a few clicks of a mouse or taps of your finger, you can find out exactly what you’re going to eat and where you’re going to eat it.


The closest cold beer at the touch of your finger

As worldwide web usage continues to become increasingly skewed towards mobile, one of the realities of the way we browse is that we are more focused on immediacy. Rather than looking up where we may eat later, we want to know what the closest relevant restaurant is to us right now. As such, we designed a custom locator tool, which will geo-locate your device, serve up the nearest locations, and then provide directions for you.

"Every member of the Drive team that we had the pleasure of working with was helpful, professional and knowledgeable, and went above and beyond to deliver results."

Lindsey Turner, VP Marketing

Shark Club Mobile
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A mouth watering menu on any device

Gone are the days of the “pinch-and-zoom” technique to help read the PDF menu on a restaurant’s website (or at least they should be!). Shark Club’s new site is completely responsive, ensuring an optimal and consistent user experience on desktop, tablet, or mobile. Just be mindful of the expensive piece of electronics in your hand – the Dirty Fries are guaranteed to get you drooling.