Legend 7

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Launching a legendary beer brand

When Legend 7 Brewing approached us with their exciting concept for a new beer brand, we were hooked. Their passion for infusing mythological narratives with great beer was infectious and we knew right away we wanted to be involved.

Bringing stories to life

As Legend 7 shared the stories behind the brand’s concept, we became enthralled with the different legends behind each beer and the beautiful artwork they were creating. Through our close collaboration with their team during the design of the digital platform, we created an experience that revolves around storytelling and brand building.

One piece of beautiful art is worth a thousand clicks

Seeing the amazing artwork Legend 7 had commissioned, we knew we had to do more with them than just leave them on the (now empty) beer bottles. So we focused our attention on maximizing the impact of these pieces by developing custom interactions to showcase each piece.

By developing an interactive site, users are encouraged to explore the artwork and delve deep into the stories they represent. We were even able to delve deeper into the creative process with the Legend 7 team to storyboard, design and create an animated intro video to bring users deeper into the Legend of 7.