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Taking the stress out of finding an apartment

Hollyburn Properties manages rental units across four major cities in Canada, and approached Drive with the goal of revolutionizing how Canadians look for a place to live. Their enthusiasm for the project and empathy for their users was infectious, and we aimed to deliver a product that matched.

A search application that is a pleasure to use

After our initial user research, we identified that the mapping and search portion of the site was going to be the central focus. The experience of looking for a place to live is stressful enough – we wanted to make sure that the digital part of it was a delight.

As such, we designed a single page application where a user can navigate a variety of filters, scale the zoom of the map, and bounce back and forth between properties without ever reloading the page.

Adapting for a mobile world

We knew that the mobile experience of the site was going to be vital, so we stripped down the experience and created an adaptive site that was extremely task focused on mobile. The site functions like a native application, seamlessly funnelling a user towards search and then optimizing the experience for a smaller screen size.

One of the biggest considerations on a mobile screen, besides the smaller real estate to work with, is the limitations of the human hand – we can only reach so far! As such, the filtering functionality has been moved to the bottom of the screen to facilitate as little thumb strain as possible.

An award-winning digital experience

Our passion for creative problem solving and delivering exceptional digital experiences to our clients and their users is why we do what we do. We win awards when clients share that passion and are open to pushing the boundaries of what is possible. Our collaborative effort has not only garnered great business results, but some hardware for our team as well.

A modular card system for consistent design

Hollyburn manages a diverse array of properties, and within those, there is a wide variety of suite types. As such, we needed to create a design system that was flexible enough to accommodate this variety, but also consistent enough to breed credibility.

The result is a modular card system that allows for various text layouts, as well as the potential inclusion of CTAs and images, without ever feeling drastically different to the user.

Truth in numbers

Awards aside, the real thing that was going to determine whether or not the project was a success was going to be the tangible results. Organic search traffic needed to increase drastically, as did the number of viewings booked.

In the first year since the launch, the outcome has been incredibly positive. Now, Hollyburn has a highly effective marketing tool supporting their other efforts – along with a few pieces of hardware for the trophy shelf.

  • +78%
    organic traffic
  • -25%
    bounce rate
  • +1500