BFL Canada

Getting home insurance has never been easier

Making complex calculations simple

When BFL, Canada’s largest privately owned insurance company, approached Drive Digital, they had an idea to simplify one of the most frustrating aspects of home ownership – the complex and difficult process of figuring out home insurance.

We set out together to figure out a brand and a platform that could make getting, paying for, and managing home insurance simple on any platform.

A whole new brand

As BFL’s was creating an entirely new business unit, they asked Drive to help develop a new, modern brand that would speak to a younger generation of homeowners.  With the intention of creating synergy between the new sub-brand and the iconic BFL lion, Leo was born.

Everything about the Leo brand, from the modern typography to the clean, flat design iconography, speak to the simplicity found throughout the platform. The somewhat intimidating process of buying insurance has never looked so easy.

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    Smart planning leads to smart applications

    Right off the bat, we knew that for every second we spent planning an application like Leo, we’d save hours in development. Working closely with the BFL team, we went through an in-depth discovery and prototyping phase to ensure that all user requirements were going to be met.

    The result? An incredibly user-friendly application that takes the pain out of applying for home insurance and ensures that the user is always confident and informed on their decisions throughout the process, saving time for both the user and the Leo team.


    Let’s take it one step at a time

    The most difficult part of home insurance is the sheer amount of information that needs to be collected – Leo takes users one step at a time, never overwhelming them and making the whole process gratifying and simple.

    All your information, whenever you need it

    You never know when you might need your policy information – whether it be during an emergency or at a bank. Leo’s entire application and dashboard are completely mobile responsive, so all your information is accessible from wherever you happen to be.