6S Marketing

A fresh face for one of North America's leading agencies

Keeping it in the family

With over 800 clients across the globe, 6S Marketing is one of North America’s premier digital marketing agencies, with offices in Toronto, Vancouver and New York. They build results-oriented digital strategies and work closely with their clients to ensure consistent online success.

When 6S approached us about designing their new site, we couldn’t have been happier. 6S had grown tremendously as an agency over the lifespan of their last site and we were excited to help illustrate that growth in their new platform.

An updated logo to pair with an updated website

6S Marketing’s logo is one that has become extremely well-recognized in the marketing world in North America. That being said, Chris and John founded 6S in 2000, when SEO was just becoming a thing. With the new platform we gave the logo a little bit of a facelift, keeping continuity with the original, but refreshing it to feel up to date with current design trends.

6s website screenshot

I-con get animated too!

As the capabilities of web technology advance (more rapidly than you’d believe), our team is always tinkering with how to best leverage those advances. When suitable, we love mixing in new techniques to elevate our designs.

In this case, rather than using static icons, we created a whole suite of animated icons for 6S’s services, reflecting the fun and vibrancy with which the whole team performs those services. It is a subtle interactive element that helps to engage and delight the user.

Digital Marketing Stategy

Search Engine Optimization

Paid Media Optimization

Mobile & App Marketing

Email & Marketing Automation

Awesome clients deserve awesome case studies

When you work with some of the coolest brands in the world, you get to brag about it. As soon as we started talking to 6S about the kind of case studies they had, we knew we wanted to do something impressive to show them off.

We created interactive hero images by using a z-index, lending a sense of depth to these sections. The effect is a subtle one and doesn’t distract from the quality, but just like the work, feels high-end.

Some other people like our work too!

We don’t do it for the accolades, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like them. We were lucky enough to have our work with 6S recognized by some of our industry peers and the site was awarded a Site of the Day Award by the CSS Design Awards and an Honorable Mention by the gold standard of website awards, the Awwwards.


CSS_design_award        aww

Truth in numbers

We knew 6S was happy with the overall aesthetic of the site, but as a digital marketing agency, what they really cared about was the numbers. How were users responding to the site? Was it converting at a higher rate?

The numbers say a resounding yes. When compared to the old site within a similar time frame, we’ve seen great results and a dramatic improvement with how users have been interacting with the site.


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Conversion rate