5 Principles of Logo Design

The golden rules of logo design made easy and simple.

In the digital age, logos are almost synonymous to businesses. A logo needs to innately impart your core values and business objectives. Knowing that the identity of your business could lie within a few pixels, we thought it was time to buckle down and master the 5 principles of logo design.

1. Simple

Every moment of the day, consumers are bombarded with thousands of brands. How can yours stand out? The answer is simple. Complicated logos with too many elements can be distracting and confusing to your audience. You want to take all your design inspiration and reduce it down to the basics. An effective logo should only include features that are critical to your business. As Henry David Thoreau said, “Simplify, simplify, simplify”.

Nike is a great example of how simplicity can get you further than you’d imagine. A simple stroke can portray a lot about their business and leave a strong impression.


2. Memorable

A few seconds is all it takes to make a first impression, but you need to make sure your logo makes a lasting impression as well. Sharp colors and unique graphics are just a couple of ways you can stand out in a crowd.

Twitter is one of the best examples of a memorable logo design. Once you see that small flying blue bird icon, you know it’s linked to an action – tweeting. The instinctive correlation you make between the tweet of a bird (the logo) and the action of tweeting is extremely memorable; now that’s some strong branding.



3. Timeless

Just like the classic little black dress, your logo has to be timeless. Following trends, such as popular fonts and styles, will potentially become a burden when the trend peters out. You want your logo to be able to stand the test of time. Focus on your brand rather than what the latest trends are.

Needless to say, Coca-Cola’s logo is classic and timeless. Created over a century ago, the logo is still appealing and relevant to the current business.



4. Versatile

One of the best gifts you can give your logo is the power of versatility. When designing a logo, you must be mindful of its usage. You will be resizing this logo onto different surfaces and materials, such as letterheads, banners or business cards. Pick a logo that is effective at any size. The same goes for color. If you design a logo that is heavily reliant on color, then once the logo is printed in black and white, your logo’s effect is nullified. Versatility will make your logo flexible enough to be used in any occasion.

5. Appropriate

What is a brand without a story? You want to build a strong connection with your consumers through telling them your brand story, and that requires a deep understanding of your audience. After you’ve researched and analyzed your audience inside out, you will have a better sense of which font, color or graphics to use. Your logo must be tailored to your audience and appropriate for your business.

Container Corp’s logo was created with the business’s core operations in mind. Designed to resemble a container, Drive made sure the Container Corp new logo was appropriate for their business.



Summarizing your business into a few pixels isn’t an easy task. Your business deserves a logo that truly represents its core values. Drive’s team of experienced branding designers are ready to build you a logo that will speak lengths about your business’s core values and connect your audience with them. Get in touch to see how Drive can help your brand succeed, online and off.