Time to look at things from a new perspective

Sometimes in life, you need to take a moment. It can serve as opportunity to step away from the day-to-day, stop what you’re doing and instead look at things from a new perspective.

We recently had one of those moments, and it has changed everything for us.

As a result of that moment of clarity, we are excited to announce that we have joined with our partners at 6S Marketing to form a new agency: Major Tom

A lot of thought, consideration, and conversation has gone into the launch of MajorTom.com, and we’re delighted to finally be able to share it with the world.

As we unveil our new organization to the world, we also feel it is important to share some of what got us here

We always wanted to build cool stuff with cool people

In 2012, Drive Digital was created because we wanted to build cool stuff with cool people. Over the past six years the people, we’re proud to say we accomplished that, as the projects we’ve worked on, and the people we’ve worked on them with have continued to get cooler

We originally began by creating beautiful, high performing websites that helped bring our clients to life online. But the continued evolution of new technologies, alongside the increasingly sophisticated nature of digital marketing, has meant that what we do, and what we’ve been asked to do, has evolved. So have we.

Websites are a fundamental part of what we do – but our reach, experience, and skill sets were expanding. We found ourselves putting our fingerprints on the bigger digital picture and bringin on projects that demanded wider skill sets. Collaboration has always been integral to our character, and so we continued to work even more closely with our partners at 6S to build, and market, great things for our clients.

But with every project, we began to realize that we were only scratching the surface of what we could achieve.

Breaking down the wall

Our partnership with 6S was still somewhat at arm’s length – we knew that in order to take the next step in the type of work we could deliver, we needed to be hugging.

Two years ago, that knowledge led us to quite literally break down a wall, merging our two teams into one open concept space.

That being said, as soon as we’d put down our sledgehammers (we still have it), we knew we wanted to go even further. That’s why we’ve made the decision to tear down another wall, albeit a metaphorical one.

Speaking the same language

Strategically, both Drive and 6S were heading in the same direction. We were focused on harnessing the potential of new technologies to create solutions that delivered on our clients’ business objectives while providing value to end users.

We also shared the same outlook on communication and collaboration, and the same desire to strip away the kind of jargon and complexity that has taken over our industry.

We knew that together we could deliver better strategy, better design, better results and a better experience for our clients and their clients. We also knew that working together was better for our people.

In short, we knew that it was time for something different. That something is Major Tom.

Ground control to Major Tom

Major Tom is a full-service digital consultancy that marries strategic insight with impeccable execution. We’re the next iteration of agency, one that’s been purpose built to help our clients thrive in an increasingly complex landscape.

Marketing is evolving. Every day there are new technologies, new opportunities, and new tactics for companies to employ in order to engage with their customers.

But in this increasingly complex world it can be easy to lose your way. To use an old adage, it can be hard for organizations to see the forest for the trees.

We’re here to change that perspective.

As Major Tom, we help clients to see the whole forest so that we can pick the right trees. This means that we can strategically identify the right platforms, tactics and technologies that will drive their business forward.

It’s a holistic approach to marketing, a sophisticated solution designed to meet the needs of today’s increasingly sophisticated audiences.

We believe it’s the future of our industry, and we cannot wait to tell you more about it.